New Order & Joy Division ‎– Total (From Joy Division To New Order)

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1. Transmission - Joy Division

2. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

3. Isolation - Joy Division

4. She's Lost Control - Joy Division

5. Atmosphere - Joy Division

6. Ceremony (2011 Total Version)

7. Temptation

8. Blue Monday (2011 Total Version)

9. Thieves like Us (2011 Total Version)

10. The Perfect Kiss (2011 Total Version)

11. Bizarre Love Triangle (2011 Total Version) [Shep Pettibone 7" Remix]

12. True Faith (2011 Total Version)

13. Fine Time (2011 Total Version)

14. World in Motion (2011 Total Version)

15. Regret (2011 Total Version)

16. Crystal (2011 Total Version)

17. Krafty (2011 Total Version)

18. Hellbent (2011 Total Version)



Despite an incredibly short recording career Joy Division remarkably have stood the test of time in terms of influential British bands. Their dark, brooding sound has inspired more artists than could be listed and their continued adoration today is testament to the forward thinking yet inward projected music and lyricism of a young band on the brink of success yet unsure of how to deal with it. With the sad passing of Ian Curtis, from the ashes rose New Order; the same core band but with a new fresh approach to their chosen career path. Loud, colourful and full of life.

"Total"  is a chronological look at the two bands most important tracks, covering Joy Division staples such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and the resonating "Atmosphere". New Order bring to the table "Blue Monday," "Bizzare Love Triangle" and "True Faith." Also included is a brand new never released New Order track “Hellbent”.