Christy Moore - Flying Into Mystery

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Christy Moore on this new album.............

“It has been a very different recording process this time around.... Since 1969 I have been involved in recording but never before with a total absence of live performance. Since March 2020, all my focus has been on this album. Once again, I’ve been privileged to receive some great songs which kept me well occupied

I produced with Jim Higgins and David Meade Engineered the project. Most work was done in The Sandymount Hotel, Dublin where the crew turned a conference centre into a working studio. Other work took place in Prosperous, Co Kildare, and in Derry City. Covid Regulations decided when and where we could get together

There are songs from Ricky Lynch, Paul Doran, Mick Hanly, Wally Page, Tom Tuohy, Gary Moore, Jim Page, a few Traditional songs and a couple of my own offerings. Thanks for listening....”


  1. Johnny Boy
  2. Clock Winds Down
  3. Greenland
  4. Flying into Mystery
  5. Gasún
  6. All I Remember
  7. December 1942
  8. Van Diemen’s Land
  9.  Bord na Móna Man
  10. Myra’s Caboose
  11. Zozimus & Zimmerman
  12. I Pity the Poor Immigrant